About PortfolioTicker

PortfolioTicker provides open diary snapshots of market conditions and performance of a portfolio of NYSE and NASDAQ listed tech stocks.

These snapshots are particularly valuable as a basis for researching drivers of change in historical prices for market indices and stock prices. They provide a snapshot for a specified date of:

  • what happened on that day – with extracts from reports and news commentary and references and links to those sources,
  • what were near and longer term projections and expectations at that time, and
  • intra-day charts of price movements and closing prices for indices, stocks and currencies.

PortfolioTicker is a non-commercial site and respects and seeks to comply with open licence and other terms of use requirements for news, press releases and other material.

We are …

Lloyd Bunting, Portfolio Manager

Lloyd and his SaaS startup eGrants

Lloyd and his first tech startup: eGov (eGrants) founded in 2006.

Lloyd is the founder of Bunting Pty Ltd. He has been involved in information technology since 1971, with a background in Australian Government (Defence, Public Service Board, Finance), banking (ANZ Bank), technology (EDS/HP-ES), and major technology project management services. He founded tech startup eGov Pty Ltd (eGrants.com) in 2006. Lloyd has degrees in business and investment (BBus, MBA) and is a retired FAICD, FCPA and MACS.

Anita Eglitis, Business Partner

Anita presenting at CPA Australia: "Better Outcomes with Smarter Online Systems"

Anita as CEO of eGov (eGrants) presenting at CPA Australia’s seminar: “Better Outcomes with Smarter Online Systems”

Anita is the founder of Techseeder Pty Ltd and partners directly or through Techseeder with Bunting Pty Ltd on tech ventures such as eGov Pty Ltd and startup funds (such as the Sydney Angels Sidecar Fund [ESVCLP]). Anita is an entrepreneur, investor and macroeconomist with experience in Australia’s Treasury Department, ANZ Bank (Economics, Capex and Structured Finance), Victorian Government ($11 billion infrastructure portfolio), angel investment (Sydney Angels), and venture capital (VP, Director in several firms, as well as her own venture capital advisory firm, Venture Analysis). She also manages other portfolios of Australian and overseas stocks and is an investor in tech startups. Her degrees include an M.A. in economics from Cambridge University in England. Anita has been a speaker at CPA Australia and CommBank seminars and a mentor at AngelCube. More

Dr Sue Bunting, Advisor

Sue is an advisor to Bunting Pty Ltd. She was a former commercial law solicitor with a major law firm and former Principal Legal Officer in the Federal Attorney-General’s Department. She was also a research assistant at ANU Law School and a tutor at Melbourne University. Sue’s degrees include a BA from the University of New England, LLB (Hons) and MMus from the Australian National University, PhD in intellectual property law from the University of Melbourne, Master’s degree from Oxford University in England, and a Graduate Diploma in Classics from the University of Melbourne.