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2017-10-18T05:55:05Z Trump tells US soldier’s widow: ‘He knew what he signed up for’ [abc-news-au]
read_this Donald Trump calls Sergeant La David Johnson’s grieving widow on her way to meet her husband’s casket and is claimed to have said, he knew what he signed up for. More
2017-10-18T06:01:34Z Crown Casino ‘tampered with poker machines’, former staff allege [abc-news-au]
read_this Crown Casino deliberately tampered with poker machines, and turned a blind eye to illicit drug use and family violence, former staff allege. More
2017-10-18T03:27:18Z ‘Tyrannical rule’: Dumped principal at war with top girls’ school [abc-news-au]
read_this The former principal of one of Australia’s top girls’ schools takes her former employer and two teachers to court, claiming a series of emails defamed her. More
2017-10-18T06:34:07Z Mother of boys with autism says dealing with NDIS is ‘soul destroying’ [abc-news-au]
read_this Despite high hopes for the NDIS at its rollout 15 months ago, mother-of-two Briana Blackett says the scheme has left her family feeling like they’re not worth the help. More
2017-10-18T06:36:20Z While Dutton’s making last-minute changes to his citizenship bill, wannabe Aussies are waiting [abc-news-au]
read_this Peter Dutton is backing down from some of the toughest parts of his citizenship reform, but it may not be enough. More
2017-10-18T06:18:31Z Scientist who predicts male sex chromosome is declining takes PM’s award [abc-news-au]
read_this A geneticist who uncovered how sex chromosomes work and a dental researcher who invented a substance to strengthen teeth are among this year’s recipients of the PM’s Prizes for Science. More
2017-10-18T04:47:01Z How much water do we need to drink a day? [abc-news-au]
read_this When it comes to drinking water, we are drowning in advice and recommendations. More
2017-10-18T06:41:02Z ‘She’ll do us one by one’: Man jailed for filming house party gang rape [abc-news-au]
read_this A man who filmed the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl at a house party in Sydney’s west in 2015 is sentenced to a minimum of five years in jail. More
2017-10-18T06:05:58Z ‘We need to stay positive’: Wife of rescued fisherman hopeful missing men will be found [abc-news-au]
read_this The wife of a man rescued from a trawler that sank off central Queensland says she still hopes six missing men will be found alive. More
2017-10-18T03:29:20Z ‘Courageous’ bystanders tried to stop boy who died at Newcastle pool from hurting himself [abc-news-au]
read_this A boy who died at a public swimming pool in Newcastle yesterday had been hitting himself in the head before courageous members of the public intervened, police say. More
2017-10-17T06:40:00Z Taliban kills scores in Afghanistan’s Paktia and Ghazni [al-jazeera-english]
read_this Coordinated attacks kill 41 and injure 150 at police camp in Paktia while car bombings in Ghazni leave another 30 dead. More
2017-10-18T05:38:00Z Senior Kenyan electoral official resigns ahead of poll [al-jazeera-english]
read_this Roselyn Akombe, a top commissioner from the country’s electoral body, says next week’s poll will not be ‘credible’. More
2017-10-18T06:19:00Z The Brief: Kenya vote, Afghans mourn, UK hate crime [al-jazeera-english]
read_this Turkey and Europe locked in war of words ahead of weekend summit, Taliban kill 71, Kenya electoral official resigns. More
2017-10-13T11:15:00Z SDF captures Syria’s Raqqa city from ISIL [al-jazeera-english]
read_this After four-month battle, Syrian Democratic Forces say Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant fighters are defeated. More
2017-10-17T10:17:00Z Turkey-Europe locked in war of words as EU summit opens [al-jazeera-english]
read_this EU meeting in Brussels comes amid deteriorating relations and calls to freeze Ankara’s EU membership bid. More
2017-10-17T20:02:00Z What does the future hold for Iraq’s Kurds? [al-jazeera-english]
read_this Iraqi government troops have taken control of the northern city of Kirkuk amid tensions over Kurdish secession bid. More
2017-09-27T15:15:00Z Can the US alt-right survive divisions and backlash? [al-jazeera-english]
read_this With public outrage, anger over some of Trump’s policies and growing infighting, the alt-right’s future is unclear. More
2017-10-17T06:58:00Z Salzgitter ban a ‘setback’ for refugees in Germany [al-jazeera-english]
read_this Lower Saxony decree prohibiting resettlement of recognised refugees condemned as an ‘infringement of rights’. More
2017-10-17T08:45:00Z Mogadishu massacre: A gravedigger’s worst nightmare [al-jazeera-english]
read_this Mohamed Hassan describes the painful process of burying missing limbs blown off by Saturday’s truck explosion. More
2015-10-07T12:02:41Z Open-source framework for publishing content [al-jazeera-english]
read_this Child malnutrition is a silent tragedy jeopardising the future of more than one million children across Ghana. More
2017-10-18T03:00:04Z Californians head back home to altered lives, communities [associated-press]
read_this PETALUMA, Calif. (AP) — Some have lost loved ones. Many have survived near-death experiences. Others have lost their homes and a lifetime of possessions. A week after fleeing raging wildfires, tens of thousands of emotionally ravaged Californians have drifted back home to find their lives and their communities dramatically altered. At a Red Cross shelter in Petaluma on Tuesday, 69-year-old Sue Wortman recalled the words that raced through her mind when she fled the flames near her home in Sonoma. “We’re all going up in smoke,” she thought at the time. Since then, she’s been walking around in a daze. More
2017-10-18T02:59:29Z A short-term health deal by senators _ but Trump a question [associated-press]
read_this WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican and Democratic senators joined in announcing a plan Tuesday aimed at stabilizing America’s health insurance markets in the wake of President Donald Trump’s order to terminate “Obamacare” subsidies. The president, at first, spoke approvingly of the deal, but as conservatives rebelled, the White House insisted Trump actually opposed the plan as a bailout of insurance companies. More
2017-10-18T01:03:15Z Judge halts newest Trump travel ban, saying it has same woes [associated-press]
read_this HONOLULU (AP) — A federal judge in Hawaii blocked most of President Donald Trump’s latest travel ban Tuesday, just hours before it was set to take effect, saying the revised order “suffers from precisely the same maladies as its predecessor.” It was the third set of travel restrictions issued by the president to be thwarted, in whole or in part, by the courts. U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson issued the ruling after the ban on a set of mostly Muslim countries was challenged by the state of Hawaii, which warned that the restrictions would separate families and undermine the recruiting of diverse college students. More
2017-10-18T06:03:35Z Al-Qaida set to gain as Islamic State disintegrates [associated-press]
read_this BEIRUT (AP) — Over several nights in September, some 10,000 men, women and children fled areas under Islamic State control, hurrying through fields in northern Syria and risking fire from government troops to reach a province held by an al-Qaida-linked group. For an untold number of battle-hardened jihadis fleeing with the civilians, the escape to Idlib province marked a homecoming of sorts, an opportunity to continue waging war alongside an extremist group that shares much of the Islamic State’s ideology — and has benefited from its prolonged downfall. More
2017-10-18T01:17:08Z Politics and the fallen: Trump hasn’t called all families [associated-press]
read_this WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump has pulled bereaved military families into a painful political fight of his own making, going so far Tuesday as to cite the death of his chief of staff’s son in Afghanistan to question whether Barack Obama and other presidents did enough to honor the military dead. He’s boasted that “I think I’ve called every family of someone who’s died,” though The Associated Press found relatives of two soldiers who died overseas during Trump’s presidency who said they never received a call or a letter from him, as well as relatives of a third who did not get a call from him. More
2017-10-18T04:35:22Z Xi urges stronger Chinese stand against “grim” challenges [associated-press]
read_this BEIJING (AP) — Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday urged a reinvigorated Communist Party to take on a more forceful role in society and economic development to better address “grim” challenges facing the country as he opened a twice-a-decade national congress. Speaking in the massive Great Hall of the People near Tiananmen Square, Xi laid out his vision of a ruling party that serves as the vanguard on everything from defending national security to providing moral guidance to ordinary Chinese. More
2017-10-18T03:00:04Z Californians head back home to altered lives, communities [associated-press]
read_this PETALUMA, Calif. (AP) — Some have lost loved ones. Many have survived near-death experiences. Others have lost their homes and a lifetime of possessions. A week after fleeing raging wildfires, tens of thousands of emotionally ravaged Californians have drifted back home to find their lives and their communities dramatically altered. At a Red Cross shelter in Petaluma on Tuesday, 69-year-old Sue Wortman recalled the words that raced through her mind when she fled the flames near her home in Sonoma. “We’re all going up in smoke,” she thought at the time. Since then, she’s been walking around in a daze. More
2017-10-18T06:05:51Z Ultra-personal therapy: Gene tumor boards guide cancer care [associated-press]
read_this SAN DIEGO (AP) — Doctors were just guessing a decade ago when they gave Alison Cairnes’ husband a new drug they hoped would shrink his lung tumors. Now she takes it too, but the choice was no guesswork. Sophisticated gene tests suggested it would fight her gastric cancer, and they were right. Cancer patients increasingly are having their care guided by gene tumor boards, a new version of the hospital panels that traditionally decided whether surgery, radiation or chemotherapy would be best. These experts study the patient’s cancer genes and match treatments to mutations that seem to drive the disease. More
2017-10-18T05:13:13Z Puerto Rico youth stranded with school still out from storm [associated-press]
read_this HATILLO, Puerto Rico (AP) — Alanys Arroyo and her little brothers have been cooped up in a school for weeks, but they aren’t in class. They’ve been living in a campus-turned-shelter in western Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria flooded their home and destroyed their belongings, trying to pass the time while their family waits for help to replace the apartment it lost in the storm. Fifteen-year-old Arroyo reads or helps her mother clean the classroom where they sleep. The boys kick around a soccer ball and run through the hallways. They are bored and increasingly frustrated, a combination widely felt by young people across Puerto Rico as the island remains stuck in place nearly a month after the hurricane. More
2017-10-18T06:21:33Z Dodgers close in on World Series with 6-1 win over Cubs [associated-press]
read_this CHICAGO (AP) — The Los Angeles Dodgers have a tough lineup, a talented pitching staff and a manager making all the right moves. Yup, it’s beginning to look a lot like 1988. Yu Darvish pitched sparkling ball into the seventh inning, Chris Taylor homered again and the Dodgers beat the Chicago Cubs 6-1 on Tuesday night to open a 3-0 lead in the NL Championship Series. Andre Ethier also went deep and Taylor added an RBI triple in the fifth as Los Angeles improved to 6-0 in this postseason, setting a franchise record for consecutive playoff wins. Yasiel Puig had two more hits in another entertaining performance that included an impressive bat flip — on a long foul ball in the first inning. More
2017-10-18T02:00:00.003Z Amazon Expands in Brazil, Making Worst-Kept Secret Official [bloomberg]
read_this Inc. is ready to commit to Brazil. Kind of, sort of. More
2017-10-17T23:23:51.366Z Trump Pitches Tax Plan to Policy Group That Helped Write It [bloomberg]
read_this President Donald Trump sought to rally support for his effort to overhaul the nation’s tax code on Tuesday at a conservative policy group that helped write the plan. More
2017-10-17T18:05:49.076Z Senators Get Deal to Prop Up Obamacare, Keep Subsidies Trump Cut [bloomberg]
read_this Senators in both political parties say they’ve reached agreement on fixes to stabilize Obamacare just two weeks before Americans start signing up for 2018 coverage. More
2017-10-17T16:53:30.918Z Xi Plans to Turn China Into a Leading Global Power by 2050 [bloomberg]
read_this President Xi Jinping warned of “severe” challenges while laying out a road map to turn China into a leading global power by 2050, as he kicked off a twice-a-decade party gathering expected to cement his influence into the next decade. More
2017-10-17T18:47:43.027Z Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Third Travel Ban [bloomberg]
read_this President Donald Trump struck out again with his third try at a travel ban, as a federal judge temporarily blocked it from taking effect nationwide on Wednesday. More
2017-10-17T20:17:43.341Z George Soros Pours Billions Into Charity Ahead of Tax Deadline [bloomberg]
read_this George Soros is giving his foundation a big inflow of money in part to minimize a tax bill hedge fund managers are facing this year. More
2017-10-17T23:58:00.068Z How North Korea Built An Army of Hackers: Q&A [bloomberg]
read_this North Korea isn’t known for technological sophistication. The isolated country doesn’t have global giants like Apple Inc. or Samsung Electronics Co. and its citizens have limited access to basics like the internet and smartphone apps. Yet the regime of Kim Jong Un has grown increasingly adept at breaking into computer systems around the world for financial gain and strategic benefit. In recent weeks, his cyber warriors have been linked to stolen U.S.-South Korean military plans and the alleged t More
2017-10-17T15:34:56.132Z Racist Outburst Prompts Faber’s Exit From Three Company Boards [bloomberg]
read_this Veteran investor Marc Faber left the boards of money manager Sprott Inc. and mining companies Novagold Resources Inc. and Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. after he claimed in his newsletter this month that “the U.S. would look like Zimbabwe” if it had been settled by black people instead of whites. More
2017-10-17T15:21:31.007Z Nafta Deadlock Forces Ministers to Extend Talks Into 2018 [bloomberg]
read_this Nafta talks are switching gears and slowing down as key obstacles emerge, with Canada and Mexico rejecting what they see as hard-line U.S. proposals and negotiators exchanging their strongest public barbs yet. More
2017-10-17T23:55:45.714Z Twitter Tries to Crack Down on Harassing, Abusive Tweets [bloomberg]
read_this Twitter Inc. is introducing new policies to combat harassment and unwanted sexual advances on the social media site after a recent decision to disable the account of a famous actress sparked an uproar. More
2017-10-17T23:26:16Z ‘Our task was to set Americans against their own government’: New details emerge about Russia’s trolling operation [business-insider]
read_this A person who worked for the Russian “troll… More
2017-10-18T05:56:00Z Wall Street found a parasite growing in the US economy that could spur the next recession [business-insider]
read_this Wall Street’s short sellers are beginning to… More
2017-10-18T03:55:32Z China’s national congress is getting underway — here’s what you need to know [business-insider]
read_this Drones have been banned, clubs closed, and… More
2017-10-18T02:54:26Z Trump reportedly tells the widow of a US soldier killed in action ‘he knew what he signed up for’ [business-insider]
read_this President Donald Trump received criticism… More
2017-10-17T00:00:00Z Review: The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are the best Android phones you can buy [business-insider]
read_this The new Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL come with stock Android and have incredible battery life. They’re also the best Android phones you can get. More
2017-10-17T22:02:35Z Sean Spicer met with Robert Mueller’s investigators handling the Russia investigation [business-insider]
read_this Investigators working with special counsel… More
2017-10-17T20:31:00Z Google’s parent company is creating an entire high-tech neighborhood in Toronto — here’s what it could look like [business-insider]
read_this On Tuesday, Sidewalk Labs — the… More
2017-10-18T04:50:57Z Top US Democrat: South Koreans are ‘confused’ and ‘shaken’ over US-North Korea tensions [business-insider]
read_this Sen. Jack Reed of Rhode Island suggested that… More
2017-10-17T18:47:34Z Microsoft just released a huge new update for Windows 10 — here’s what’s new [business-insider]
read_this On Tuesday, Microsoft released a big free… More
2017-10-17T20:00:00Z Scientists have discovered a new link between sugar and tumor growth [business-insider]
read_this There’s more bad news for sugar lovers… More
2017-10-18T06:23:05Z Congresswoman says Trump told widow of fallen soldier ‘he knew what he signed up for’ [cnn]
read_this President Donald Trump told the widow of a US serviceman killed in the ambush in Niger that “he knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurt,” according to Rep. Frederica Wilson. More
Lawmaker: Trump told soldier’s widow ‘he knew what he signed up for’ – CNN Video [cnn]
read_this President Trump called the families of troops who lost their lives in the Niger raid. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson says he told the widow of Sergeant La David Johnson, “He knew what he signed up for.” She talks to CNN’s Don Lemon about the call. More
2017-10-18T03:57:48Z Trump: Ask Kelly whether Obama called [cnn]
read_this President Donald Trump, in defense of his claim that President Barack Obama didn’t call the loved ones of fallen soldiers, floated the idea Tuesday that reporters ask his chief of staff, retired Gen. John Kelly, whether Obama called him after his son died in Afghanistan. More
2017-10-18T05:02:07Z Trump’s politicization of military sacrifice [cnn]
read_this President Donald Trump, though often acting as a champion of the military, has at times politicized the sacrifice of those who paid a terrible price in the nation’s wars in a way that few of his predecessors would have countenanced. More
Kander: Trump’s remarks to widow are nauseating – CNN Video [cnn]
read_this Former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander reacts to President Trump telling soldier’s widow “he knew what he signed up for,” according to Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. More
2017-10-18T00:22:30Z Gordon Hayward Fractures Ankle, Leg vs. Cavaliers, Stretchered off Court [cnn]
read_this Boston Celtics star Gordon Hayward was forced to leave Tuesday’s season opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena with a fractured left ankle less than six minutes into the game… More
2017-10-17T05:57:19Z Market strategist Marc Faber under fire for racist remarks [cnn]
read_this “Thank God white people populated America, and not the blacks,” Faber wrote in his October note to investors. More
2017-10-18T02:49:46Z Officers fired over removal of United passenger [cnn]
read_this Chicago aviation officials fired two officers and suspended two others involved in the forcible removal of a United Airlines passenger from a packed flight. More
2017-10-18T06:44:43Z 2 US sailors die of apparent drug overdoses in same week at Submarine Base Kings Bay [cnn]
read_this Two US sailors based at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay in Georgia have died of apparent drug overdoses in the last week, according to a US Navy public affairs officer. More
2017-10-17T20:46:02Z Weinstein ‘witch hunt’? Wrong, Woody Allen [cnn]
read_this Men like Woody Allen and Harvey Weinstein should fear women — modern day, emboldened “witches” — who are now hunting down their former predators, writes Jill Filipovic. More
2017-10-18T01:18:14Z Chinese President Xi Jinping touts successes of ‘socialism’ at Communist Party Congress [cnbc]
read_this Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke Wednesday at the beginning of the Communist Party’s once-every-five-year Party Congress. More
2017-10-17T07:48:03Z Communist Party Congress: What investors are watching during China’s big meeting [cnbc]
read_this China’s once-in-five-years Communist Party Congress is about politics rather than economics, but investors are still reading the tea leaves. More
2017-10-18T04:59:14Z India’s troubled banks desperately need more money — but government help just isn’t coming [cnbc]
read_this Analysts said capital is what Indian banks need the most, but the government may not come to their rescue given its tight fiscal position. More
2017-10-17T12:39:50Z Why Trump’s stance on Iran could backfire [cnbc]
read_this President Trump risks alienating moderates in Iran with the power to help effect peaceful change, one analyst says. More
2017-10-18T03:45:54Z Trump to slain soldier’s widow: He knew what he was signing up for [cnbc]
read_this The president reportedly told the widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson, who was killed in action in Niger, that he “knew what he was signing up for.” More
2017-10-17T15:27:15Z ‘Dr. Doom’ Faber: ‘Thank God white people populated America’ [cnbc]
read_this Market doomsayer Marc “Dr. Doom” Faber has launched a racially charged diatribe, claiming the U.S. is great primarily because it is ruled by whites. More
2017-10-17T22:01:04Z ‘Bringing back the dark ages of tribes’: Saudi Arabia accused of bid to destabilize Qatar [cnbc]
read_this Qatar’s finance minister says the blockade of countries isolating Qatar are bullying and disrespectful. More
2017-10-16T07:29:13Z Giant robots from Japan and the US just battled — and a new champion reigns [cnbc]
read_this U.S. start-up MegaBots challenged Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industries to a robot versus robot duel two years ago. More
2017-10-18T06:33:31Z Bannon boosts Flake challenger, snubs Trump plea to back off [cnbc]
read_this Former presidential strategist Steve Bannon doubled down on his criticism of the GOP establishment at a Tuesday night fundraiser for a challenger to Arizona’s incumbent Sen. Jeff Flake. More
2017-10-18T06:12:32Z Boeing says Bombardier CSeries jets may face hefty duties despite Airbus deal [cnbc]
read_this Boeing Co said Tuesday that Bombardier Inc’s CSeries jets could still be hit with high U.S. import duties, even if they are assembled in Alabama. More
2017-10-18T06:36:36Z Xi Jinping heralds ‘new era’ of Chinese power at Communist party congress [the-guardian-uk]
read_this At start of week-long meeting, president uses long speech to tell delegates to ‘strive with endless energy toward the great goal of national rejuvenation’ More
2017-10-18T05:44:37Z Wednesday briefing: Children harmed by seeing parents drunk [the-guardian-uk]
read_this Experts warn of anxiety and emotional damage … Islamist terror threat at most extreme level yet, says MI5 head … and US author wins Booker prize More
2017-10-18T06:33:01Z Brexit: cabinet split as Amber Rudd calls no-deal ‘unthinkable’ [the-guardian-uk]
read_this Rudd dismisses idea of not getting agreement at least covering security, after David Davis says no deal remains an option More
2017-10-18T06:51:46Z Dyslexia: scientists claim cause of condition may lie in the eyes [the-guardian-uk]
read_this In people with the condition, light receptor cells are arranged in matching patterns in both eyes, which may confuse the brain More
2017-10-17T23:37:37Z PM will not reduce six-week wait for universal credit despite MPs’ warnings [the-guardian-uk]
read_this Government says it believes advance payments system solves problems around delays as Labour urges Tories to support motion to pause rollout of benefit More
2017-10-17T23:40:04Z UK facing most severe terror threat ever, warns MI5 chief [the-guardian-uk]
read_this Head of intelligence service says more attacks are inevitable as Britain sees ‘dramatic upshift’ in Islamist terrorism More
2017-10-18T04:54:33Z Rohingya crisis: Amnesty accuses Myanmar of crimes against humanity [the-guardian-uk]
read_this Evidence, including testimony from 120 Rohingya, reveals ‘systematic, organised and ruthless campaign’ More
2017-10-18T00:05:01Z Reese Witherspoon alleges sexual assault by director when she was 16 [the-guardian-uk]
read_this Actor says that agents and producers told her to remain silent about the incident, which she says was the first of many experiences of sexual assault and harassment throughout her career More
2017-10-17T23:02:55Z Even moderate drinking by parents can upset children – study [the-guardian-uk]
read_this Children who see parent tipsy or drunk are less likely to see them as a positive role model, report says More
2017-10-18T06:25:12Z ‘Obscene? Pornographic?’ – Louvre deems sexually explicit sculpture too risqué [the-guardian-uk]
read_this Museum made the decision to drop Domestikator, which depicts a human figure penetrating an animal, after criticism on social media More
2017-10-18T00:19:34Z Harvey Weinstein’s Fall Opens the Floodgates in Hollywood [the-new-york-times]
read_this With women in the entertainment industry leading the discussion, talk of sexual harassment floods social media. More
2017-10-18T04:55:10Z 2 Senators Strike Deal on Health Subsidies That Trump Cut Off [the-new-york-times]
read_this A plan by Senators Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Patty Murray of Washington to fund health subsidies for low-income consumers won President Trump’s backing. More
2017-10-18T05:08:01Z Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded [the-new-york-times]
read_this A self-help organization in Albany called Nxivm has begun to unravel as members reveal disturbing practices and fears of blackmail. More
2017-10-17T09:28:48Z Fish Depression Is Not a Joke [the-new-york-times]
read_this Fish can get depressed, just like you, and that could make them a good model organism for studying depression in people. More
2017-10-17T18:18:40Z Trump Falsely Claims Obama Didn’t Contact Families of Fallen Troops [the-new-york-times]
read_this President Trump’s assertion belied a long record of meetings his predecessor, Barack Obama, held with the families of killed service members, as well as calls and letters. More
2017-10-17T20:05:20Z Deep in Trump Country, a Big Stake in Health Care [the-new-york-times]
read_this Medical care is the job engine in an area that strongly backed President Trump, and the cloud over the Affordable Care Act has left residents uneasy. More
2017-10-16T17:55:34Z Opinion | Mayim Bialik: Being a Feminist in Harvey Weinstein’s World [the-new-york-times]
read_this I have always had an uncomfortable relationship with being employed in an industry built on the objectification of women. More
2017-10-18T05:32:39Z LIGO Detects Fierce Collision of Neutron Stars for the First Time [the-new-york-times]
read_this Seen and heard, the fireball is a stunning breakthrough into kilonovas, bursts of energy believed to produce metals like gold and uranium in the universe. More
2017-10-17T20:12:37Z Opinion | College Advice I Wish I’d Taken [the-new-york-times]
read_this I’m a teacher now, but as an undergraduate, I was the type of mediocre student I now disdain. More
2017-10-18T04:55:10Z Raqqa, ISIS ‘Capital,’ Is Captured, U.S.-Backed Forces Say [the-new-york-times]
read_this Loss of the Syrian city is a heavy blow to the militants, but the destruction there is immense, and questions linger about who will govern and rebuild. More
2017-10-18T06:34:15Z China’s Xi pledges to build ‘modern socialist country’ [reuters]
read_this Chinese President Xi Jinping opened a critical Communist Party Congress on Wednesday with a pledge to build a “modern socialist country” that will never copy the political systems of others and will remain open to the world. More
2017-10-18T05:15:43Z U.S. senators reach bipartisan deal on Obamacare, Trump indicates support [reuters]
read_this Two U.S. senators on Tuesday reached a bipartisan agreement to shore up Obamacare for two years by reviving federal subsidies for health insurers that President Donald Trump planned to scrap, and the president indicated his support for the plan. More
2017-10-18T05:15:18Z Pakistan blast kills at least six in southwestern city [reuters]
read_this An explosion ripped through a police truck on Wednesday to kill at least six people in Pakistan’s southwestern city of Quetta, police said. More
2017-10-18T05:59:30Z Defeat of Islamic State in Raqqa may herald wider struggle for U.S. [reuters]
read_this The defeat of Islamic State in its de facto capital Raqqa may only be the start of a wider struggle by the United States to contain any insurgency launched by the militant group and to stabilize the region, as Washington grapples with defining a comprehensive strategy in Syria. More
2017-10-17T22:25:31Z Trump tax plan hits bump in Senate as Rand Paul weighs ‘no’ vote [reuters]
read_this Senate Republicans scrambled on Tuesday to ensure support for a budget resolution vital to President Donald Trump’s drive to overhaul the U.S. tax code, as one Republican fiscal hawk announced he might vote against the measure. More
2017-10-18T02:52:39Z Hillary Clinton says U.S. threats of war with North Korea ‘dangerous, short-sighted’ [reuters]
read_this Former U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday that “cavalier” threats to start war on the Korean peninsula are “dangerous and short-sighted”, urging the United States to get all parties to the negotiating table. More
2017-10-18T00:26:48Z Judge blocks latest Trump curbs on people entering United States [reuters]
read_this A U.S. judge on Tuesday blocked President Donald Trump’s latest bid to impose restrictions on citizens from several countries entering the United States, which would have taken effect this week. More
2017-10-18T00:28:17Z NAFTA negotiators trade barbs, indicate wide differences [reuters]
read_this The top U.S. and Canadian and trade officials on Tuesday accused each other of sabotaging efforts to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, even as they and Mexico agreed to extend talks into the first quarter of 2018. More
2017-10-18T00:54:44Z Amazon Studios chief resigns after harassment allegations [reuters]
read_this Amazon Studios (AMZN.O) chief Roy Price has resigned, a company spokeswoman said on Tuesday, following allegations that he harassed a producer and took no action when an actress told him she was sexually assaulted by producer Harvey Weinstein. More
2017-10-18T05:37:49Z George Saunders’ ‘Lincoln in the Bardo’ wins 2017 Man Booker prize [reuters]
read_this American author George Saunders has won the 2017 Man Booker Prize, a high-profile literary award, for his first novel, “Lincoln in the Bardo,” – a fictional account of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln burying his young son. More
2017-10-17T11:28:00Z McCain endorses budget bill in win for GOP tax-reform effort [the-washington-post]
read_this Senate Republicans also welcomed back Sen. Thad Cochran, whose absence due to illness had threatened to derail the bill. More
2017-10-17T12:21:00Z Another last-ditch effort to tackle Obamacare stalls within hours of its release [the-washington-post]
read_this The measure presented congressional Republicans with an uncomfortable choice between helping sustain coverage for many Americans and making good on a long-standing campaign promise — and paying the consequences — by allowing the ACA to falter. More
2017-10-17T13:34:00Z Internal White House documents allege manufacturing decline increases abortions, infertility, and spousal abuse [the-washington-post]
read_this The document, whose authenticity was confirmed to The Washington Post, was prepared by Peter Navarro, the influential director of the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy. The claims alarmed some Trump administration officials. More
2017-10-17T13:51:00Z In London, black cabs win a battle against Uber. But is the war over? [the-washington-post]
read_this Despite last month’s ban, many see the giant ride-sharing service as an unstoppable part of the future. More
2017-10-17T16:00:00Z Twelve days of silence, then a swipe at Obama: How Trump handled four dead soldiers [the-washington-post]
read_this The president who comments on everything had little to say on the deadliest combat incident during his term. More
2017-10-17T12:54:00Z Kelly tried to keep his son’s death out of politics. Trump had other ideas. [the-washington-post]
read_this The president points to his chief of staff’s case to back up a broader, false attack on Obama. More
2017-10-17T09:22:00Z Federal judge blocks Trump’s third travel ban [the-washington-post]
read_this The revised measure blocking entry from eight countries was set to go into effect early Wednesday. More
2017-10-17T09:23:00Z Analysis | Longtime foes on foreign policy, McCain and Biden form alliance against Trumpism [the-washington-post]
read_this Appearing in Philadelphia this week, the two men helped illustrate the rapidly changing ideological fault lines, under Trump, on national security. More
2017-10-18T06:00:00Z Analysis | Why the world is watching Xi Jinping and China’s party congress [the-washington-post]
read_this China’s president may be laying the groundwork for a long future in power. More
2017-10-12T18:12:00Z Analysis | The Top 100 players for the 2017-18 NBA season [the-washington-post]
read_this Post national NBA writer Tim Bontemps surveyed the NBA and ranked his top 100 players according to their overall talent level heading into the new season. More
2017-10-18T00:17:00Z The Other Brother: Bob Weinstein Was an Abusive Boss [the-wall-street-journal]
read_this Bob Weinstein hasn’t been accused of the kind of sexual misconduct that led to the ouster of his brother from the production company they jointly ran. Instead, according to multiple former employees and business associates, he was a volatile and bullying executive. More
2017-10-17T18:51:00Z Senators Reach Deal to Shore Up Health-Insurance Markets [the-wall-street-journal]
read_this Two senators on Tuesday finalized the basic contours of a bipartisan deal designed to shore up health-insurance markets while giving states more say in how they implement rules set out by the Affordable Care Act. More
2017-10-17T19:38:00Z Federal Judge in Hawaii Blocks New Trump Travel Ban [the-wall-street-journal]
read_this President Donald Trump’s new effort to impose a travel ban drew fire Tuesday from a federal judge who blocked implementation of restrictions on people from six Muslim-majority countries, on the eve of the policy taking full effect. More
2017-10-17T16:11:00Z Trump Narrows Fed Leader Search to Five Final Candidates [the-wall-street-journal]
read_this President Donald Trump said he soon will choose a Federal Reserve chairman, having narrowed his search to five finalists. More
2017-10-17T12:10:00Z U.S.-Backed Forces Say They Have Taken Raqqa, Islamic State’s Last Urban Stronghold [the-wall-street-journal]
read_this U.S.-backed forces said they have captured Islamic State’s de facto capital of Raqqa, Syria, wrenching away the terror group’s last major urban stronghold in the Middle East. More
2017-10-17T16:48:00Z Future of Tech and Media: Waging a War for People’s Time [the-wall-street-journal]
read_this The battle of the internet giants will expand into newer technologies and take them deeper into each other’s turf, Activate co-founder Michael Wolf said at the WSJ D.Live conference. More
2017-10-18T00:32:00Z Market’s Unlucky-Sevens Streak Is in Danger [the-wall-street-journal]
read_this For the past 13 times that a year has ended in seven, going back to 1887, the Dow Jones Industrial Average or its predecessor has suffered a sharp downturn between August and November. Now this streak looks to be in jeopardy. More
2017-10-17T05:52:20Z The Daily Shot: Fed Chair Probabilities Reshuffled in the Betting Markets; Yellen Takes the Number-Two Slot [the-wall-street-journal]
read_this . More
2017-10-17T21:24:00Z Roy Price Resigns as Head of Amazon Studios [the-wall-street-journal]
read_this Roy Price is out as head of Amazon Studios, days after details of a two-year-old accusation of sexual harassment became public. More
2017-10-18T04:39:00Z Nike Jersey Worn by LeBron James Rips in NBA Debut [the-wall-street-journal]
read_this Nike’s new basketball jersey ripped while being worn by star LeBron James during the sportswear company’s debut as the official outfitter of the National Basketball Association. More